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Dual-ing Topics: Exercise and the Economy

As that post-election glow starts to fade, the ugly reality of the current economy creeps back into focus. There are a bunch of related pieces on how to deal with it, but the common thread is: go big, go hard. (Folks listed there are Paul Krugman, Robert Reich, and Noam Scheiber.)
And exercise? Well, the workouts [...]

Election thoughts

First, a few choice quotes from around the Web:
Ezra Klein:
Barack Hussein Obama was, arguably, the country’s most unlikely candidate for highest office. He embodied, or at least invoked, much of what America feared. His color recalled our racist past. His name was a reminder of our anxious present. His spiritual mentor displayed a streak of [...]

Election Day - Report 1

I voted before 8, with Isaac in tow.  He amused the lineup as we waited for 30 minutes or so to vote.
Aftger he got dropped off at daycare, I went over to the Obama office to figure out what I was going to be doing.  I did:

Visibility - 1 hour: waving signs and wearing a [...]

Live-Blogging the First Debate

9:06PM — Er, John — Kennedy’s already out of the hospital.  But a nice message nonetheless.
9:10PM — Old McCain speaks well about accountability/responsibility. Obama is talking to the audience, not McCain (McC isn’t looking at O either).  McC = “change Warshington.” O = people are hurting.
9:15PM — McC will fix economics by reigning in federal [...]

Bailout Follies


Various Takes on Suspensions


More succinctly, Indexed:

Cray-zee, is what I say.

Seems Reasonable

This bailout thing is freaky, mad freaky.  But this post seems eminently reasonable, and worth putting up in its entirety:
A great quote about the bailout comes from (of all places) the Wall Street Journal:

David Ader, government-bond strategist at RBS Greenwich Capital, notes that it is a politically difficult sell to go to voters and tell [...]

Black Comic Introduces McCain

Via the New York Observer.
The coffee, it came close to coating my computer!
This is awesome.

Obama '08

Yes We Did


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