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Department of Missing the Point by a Mile

From Pharyngula, this news:

Some Christian fanatics are concerned, quite reasonably, about the economy, and have chosen, quite absurdly, to try and correct the problem with prayer. So far, so typical, but then … well, they picked a peculiarly oblivious way to do it. They prayed before a statue of a golden bull on Wall Street.

We [...]

Back to the Gym

So after about a 4-week baby-related layoff from exercise, I started up again this week.
This time, and for the next few months, it’s CrossFit.  Conveniently, the first workout (WOD — Workout of the Day) was the CrossFit Total, a strength session based on the squat, press, and deadlift.  It’s “scored” as a total of the [...]

Some hope for my Niners

It’s not just Obama seeding hope around these days, it’s also Mike Singletary.  That press conference gives me the first real hopes for success I’ve had about my favorite team in close to 10 years.
Aside: yes, I am also a Patriots fan, which was an unexpected development in 2001, about the same time the 49ers [...]

A Few Good Reads

From around the web this week (and earlier):

Joe Klein interview with Barack Obama
Ta-Nehisi Coates on Obama’s grandparents
Make-Believe Maverick, Rolling Stone’s cover story on McCain
The actual exchange with Joe the Plumber (plus transcript)

The interview just makes me think “how can anyone who considers themselves rational in any way NOT vote for Obama?”  Coates’ piece is just [...]

Final Debate

Decided to watch rather than post, so quick summation: McCain got his ass handed to him by Obama.  Seriously.  Score was even until McCain had to bring up the attack stuff … and he went deep into the toilet after that.  Sure, a few good points and clear policy pieces here and there, but the [...]

Hello World!

Naomi Mary Ager!

Delivered Friday, October 3, 2008, at 12:41PM.
7 pounds, 11 ounces
20 inches long

Jeepers Veepers!

“Hey, can I call ya Joe?”  Nice first words!
And after that easy-going niceness, we get fully-formed sentences, cogency, coherency, and … this might have gotten a bit more interesting.
Palin’s GOPAC boot camp seems to be working well right now.
Palin: “I’m not gonna answer maybe the the moderator wants me to … “  I think I [...]

(re)Version … or not

Apparently, The Girl is stubborn.
After last week’s version, she flipped back to a head-up position.  So back we went to the hospital last night to try again, this time with the goal of inducing labor after the successful version in order to avoid further baby flips before the due date one week off.
Three attempts later, [...]

Obama '08

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