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Form Correction

So the last two weeks have been pretty crap for lifting.  I hit the heavier squats in recent weeks with what turns out to be incorrect form in my grip, which resulted in terrible shooting pains in my forearms up through my biceps.  Fun!  So after some advice from friends and re-reading the Squat chapter [...]

Debate Afterword; Economic Catastrophe

Hmm. Before a few words on our impending economic doom, a few notes on the debate, after settling for a few days.
I thought it pretty even between McCain and Obama, even after reading all the commentary afterwards that punditized it for McCain, and polled it for Obama.  Problem was, I wasn’t among those who needed [...]

Live-Blogging the First Debate

9:06PM — Er, John — Kennedy’s already out of the hospital.  But a nice message nonetheless.
9:10PM — Old McCain speaks well about accountability/responsibility. Obama is talking to the audience, not McCain (McC isn’t looking at O either).  McC = “change Warshington.” O = people are hurting.
9:15PM — McC will fix economics by reigning in federal [...]

Bailout Follies


Happy Birthday To Me

37, whoa.
And, whee!

Various Takes on Suspensions


More succinctly, Indexed:

Cray-zee, is what I say.

Seems Reasonable

This bailout thing is freaky, mad freaky.  But this post seems eminently reasonable, and worth putting up in its entirety:
A great quote about the bailout comes from (of all places) the Wall Street Journal:

David Ader, government-bond strategist at RBS Greenwich Capital, notes that it is a politically difficult sell to go to voters and tell [...]

Footling Redux

The Girl is also a footling breech. Oy. (Memory jog.)


Yesterday, I proctored a BJCP exam down in Nashua.
That involved judging the same beers the examinees judged during their test, but using a judging form with a vastly expanded amount of writing real estate, so that the exam graders can have a baseline against which to assess the judging sheets provided by the examinees.  That [...]

The Whole Palin Thing

I’ve kept quiet about the Palin phenomenon, as so many others (more visible than I) have been covering all the bases.  Suffice to say that it’s a complete joke, but it’s a scary one.
The scary part comes from the same reason that I never really laughed all that hard at Bush jokes, because what he [...]

Obama '08

Yes We Did


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