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Archive for May, 2007

Springtime nature shots from around the house

Forget-me-nots in the lower field.

Jack-in-the-pulpit, along the river.

MANY Jack-in-the-pulpits along the river!

Looking up the hill from the lower field.

Apple tree in full blossom.

Apple flowers.  If only I could capture the scent, too…

links for 2007-05-24

Just Give the One Finger Salute and Keep Going
The real kicker here is the video footage of the 20-mile skydive. UNREAL.
(tags: space parachute skydiving spacediving awesomeness)

More 20-Mile skydive footage
Actually a Boards of Canada video, but the beginning features clearer footage of the helium balloon in question … he rode 20 miles up in THAT?!!?
(tags: [...]

links for 2007-05-23

How to survive in a black hole - There’s no escape, but how can you maximize your remaining time?
Handy reference material … JUST IN CASE!
(tags: science blackhole physics nerdiness)

United 300
Great low-budget parody.
(tags: humor video comics movie)

links for 2007-05-05

New Brewpub in Barre, VT
Yay! More breweries vaguely nearby!
(tags: beer brewing brewpub brewery news local)

The Session III - The Heretic

Ancient in-joke there.  #2 of a series is always Electric Boogaloo, #3, The Heretic.
At any rate … I find myself once again entirely free of the chosen style.  Sure, there’s a homebrewed ordinary bitter downstairs, but that ain’t mild.  Checking in over at this month’s host, I noted a comment by Alan that spurred me [...]

The Sucky Kind of Deja Vu

Remember this? And this?
I thought I had solved this in January of 2006 by sealing off leakages from the hot water heater.  Since both “finds” linked above were wrong.
But no.  This morning at 7:30, water just started POURING  through the ceiling hatch and the fan cutout.  After waking up our tenant, I discovered that it [...]

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