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Archive for February, 2007

links for 2007-02-28

Lightstruck flavor in beer
GREAT summation of the chemical reactions behind skunkiness.
(tags: alcohol beer food brewing chemistry)

links for 2007-02-26

Stabbing at Leia’s 22nd Birthday Party
Frat-boy party + lightsabers = awesomeness.
(tags: geek humor video starwars parody awesomeness)

Who Owes Who What?

Lots of beerbloggy activity this past weekend.  Lew started things off by discussing an exchange from the Brewers Association forum, which resonated in his own comments, and also over to Appellation Beer, A Good Beer Blog, and Beeradvocate, of course (BA Magazine being the inspiration for the kickoff forum exchange).
Lots to digest, but the main [...]

links for 2007-02-23

Super Deluxe - Professor Brothers - Bible History #1
Total insanity. Yes, I’m ripping links off left and right from A Whole Lotta Nothing today, but these are supremely awesome.
(tags: animation atheism cartoon humor video religion bradneely awesomeness)

Bears Won’t Blink, Neither Will Lovie Smith | NFL Blog - The FanHouse
WTF, Bears?
(tags: football bears coaching)

links for 2007-02-22

The Terrible Mr. Turner • Football Outsiders FOX Blog
Why Norv Turner is a terrible hire for the Chargers.
(tags: football footballoutsiders chargers nfl)

Super Deluxe - Professor Brothers present History Lesson #1
Best. History song. Ever.
(tags: Video cartoon history jfk bradneely)

So, these link things … what’s the deal?

It provides a way to have a more-updated blog, by importing stuff I tag on delicious on a regular basis.  Makes me look all active and whatnot.  Plus, then I can tag up neato articles and whatnot, toss in a comment, and move on.  Yay!

links for 2007-02-20

ToteaTot - baggage attachment
Sweet device for attaching a car seat to rolling luggage. I think one of these is in my future…
(tags: baby luggage travel)

links for 2007-02-16

Brewery puts the magic in organix
Magic Hat launches an organic subsidiary.
(tags: beer craftbrew organic magichat orlio)

links for 2007-02-15

Wheel of Food - food
Super-cool! If only there were choices where I live….
(tags: food hacks yahoo local)

ASCII by Jason Scott: You’ve Ruined Everything
Great analysis of online (and other) communities.
(tags: forum internet web social culture online community)

links for 2007-02-14

The Atheist, P-Funk, is Accosted by Christian Evangelists
Awesome, awesome video of a guy teaching back to streetside evangelists. Plus, his shirt says P. Funk! Make my funk the P-Funk, hell yeah.
(tags: atheism video awesomeness)

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