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OK, Back to the Old Look

Messy code issues with the theme I had for a few days there.  Back to basics as we continue to flail about under the hood….

New Look!

Time for a new appearance.  This theme is nice and clean, and eventually I’ll be popping in slices of photos into the header image rotation.  Enjoy!

We’re back.

Well, a little lesson in webhosting this week.  My old host — whom I’d mention but is now out of business so what’s the point, really? — failed to pay their bills to *their* host (they were a reseller, apparently), and were therfore shut right on down early this week.  Today, I managed to finally [...]

Beer Getting Old

I’ve long been a tremendous fan of aged beer.  Not all of it, obviously, but stronger ales and the occasional oddball porter have for years impressed me in aged form (let’s say 3 or more years of age) with big changes in flavor, new flavors coming from the degradation of old flavors, the gentle sherry [...]

Two Years (and a day)

Yup, two years ago yesterday, we signed the papers on our house.  *That* went fast!
Also two years ago yesterday evening, we found out the Isaac would be coming along.  *That* went fast! (Not so much in August, but still….)
Like, wow, man.

Great Weather!

Heard the morning NHPR host blathering away on the way in to work about the great “break” in the weather coming up: a spell of sunny skies and 50 degrees plus!  Wow!  Great!
Except it’s frickin’ JANUARY.  It’s NEW HAMPSHIRE.  It’s supposed to be cold and snowy, with sun on non-snow days and the occasional crappy [...]

Obama '08

Yes We Did


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