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O, Glorious Fridge

Over the past week, various home improvement projects have taken place thaks to the knowledge and assistance of Vance, Laura’s stepfather. Yes, we now have backerboard laid for tile in the hallway, a cat door installed to the basement, various light fixtures fixed or removed, and the weird second-floor hallway door insulated, but nothing is [...]

Cheap Oil

So over the summer, I thought I was being clever, and joined up with a group of people doing a fixed-rate group purchase of #2 heating oil.  The idea is that a bunch of people agree to buy X volume of fuel, and receive a reduced rate as a thank-you.  The year before, some friends [...]

More New Stuff

Carpet, this time:

Crew arrived at 7:55AM, and was out the door by 10:25.  SO MUCH BETTER!



We voted early (but not often, not that we needed to) on Tuesday morning, on user-friendly pieces of paper marked with felt-tip pens.
All of New Hampshire apparently turned out blue this year, as not only did the two House seats go to Democrats, but the state House and Senate went as well. The Governor pretty [...]

Clearing the Land

So earlier this week, we had some arborists come in and clear up the lower portion of the land. Here’s the results of the first day of work:
What we started with:

And here’s how it looked this morning:

Further work photography has been hindered by night and rain — final shots coming soon.


Sumac and box alder tangle.

The November Blog Thing

Apparently, the blogosphere is abuzz with a “movement” to post daily in November. Given the sparse posting of the last few months on here, I figure what the hell! I’ll go for it.
Yeah, already one post behind, and two in one day. So? At least I’m writing again. Will attempt to get at least a [...]

Back in the Tasting Game

On November 1st, I led a beer and food tasting for the Dartmouth graduate student association. We had ~35 people attend, with the following pairings:
Round 1:

Farnum Hill Semi-Dry Cider, matched up with prosciutto-wrapped melon
Smuttynose Portsmouth Lager, matched with a spicy chicken satay
Otter Creek Stove Pipe Porter, matched with a Saint Andre triple cream
cheese on [...]

Obama '08

Yes We Did


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