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Archive for June, 2006

Three Years Ago…

It became clear that we were moving from Brooklyn to New Hampshire. Quite a change, to be sure, especially considering that before three years in Brooklyn/NYC, we had been living in Chicago (5 years for me, 7 for Laura).
Of course, I had two years of rural Connecticut under my belt from my first grad school [...]



Slow Day in the Fermentation Bucket

So I checked the gravity on last week’s stout — 4 days of pretty vigorous fermentation oughta take it down a bit, right? — and came up with a rather high number: 1.038.  This stuff has a ways to go yet, as it really should wind up around 1.016 or so.  Good things are worth [...]

Mmmm, Baaaaacon ….

Recently, some friends and I were discussing bacon. As a kid, I didn’t eat the stuff, and had a vague aversion to it, for some unknown reason. I had NO IDEA what I was missing!
Now, of course, I consider bacon to be an important food group all its own. The conversion from [...]

Productive Weekend

Friday night, I began the mash for a batch of foreign-style stout (stronger than normal, more robust roastiness, hoppier). This to save time on Saturday morning, so we would fit in all the other stuff going on. Saturday morning, the sparge was running by 7:45AM!
2530 2534 [...]


So the past few days, you may have noticed the sidebar appearing at the South Pole of this site … appears to be the result of formatting the post immediately preceding this one, and a few extra p-tags getting slapped on in the PHP.  Weird.  Anyway, the egregious (unclosed div tag) error is fixed, the [...]

Gateway Gardening

So this past weekend, I spent a rainy Saturday morning hauling rocks about:
(click the photo to see the rest of our shots)
This was part of a project a few of us had been cooking up for some time, a series of decorative gardens denoting the “entrances” to the center of Lebanon. A hopeful side effect [...]

Coffee + Beer = Good Health

The latest research seems to indicate that a few cups of coffee per day keeps cirrhosis away. Seems to be the perfect way to balance out the 17 beers a day needed to prevent prostate cancer.
Smart beer drinkers will have already noted that the hop content in the tested beers was most likely miniscule, [...]


We’re walking in the Prouty this year and hope to raise a few dollars for cancer research. Please click the link and take a look at our ProutyPage, where you can also make a secure online donation.
We’re also walking in Skip’s Run, which is organized by some friends of ours, and yet again benefits cancer [...]

New Look

Decided it was time to spiff up the joint.  Don’t like this look?  Feel free to impose your own view with the handy-dandy Style Switcher widget located in the sidebar!
Yeah, we’re upgrading like mad fools around here.  Feel it.

Obama '08

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