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Thought Lance Retired

Ivan Basso putting on the Armstrong Face while kicking everyone else’s ass at the Giro yesterday. Or is that Lance putting on a Basso costume?
For reference, here’s the Armstrong Face:

It Is Time to Rock

The past few months, I’ve been all a-twitter over the new Mission of Burma album’s arrival. Aiding and abetting is the album’s own site, which has been adding songs to the live feed week-by-week. I am not enough of a record nerd to have participated in the every-song-gets-a-45 pre-release thing they ran, although I [...]

Sweet, Sweet Comment Spam

So over on Isaac’s blog, the comment spam has reached the level of “totally freaking out of control.” I deleted just shy of a thousand spam comments yesterday, after slacking for a week and not checking. So my experiment with the Nucleus CMS is pretty much over. Not that it was completely [...]

Feels Like Last Summer

Without the drenching sweat.
Sunday — spent the afternoon in the apartment painting. Thankfully, only some touch-up work to prepare for new tenants (yay!) who will show up on Thursday. We even managed to get a washer/dryer installed (I did absolutely no work other than vague decision-making on that project, thank jeebus).
Tonight, I get [...]

Missing the Punch

I suppose this haunts every blogger/web site maintainer who’s not on the post-a-day-no-matter-what schedule. Missing links and posts. No, not mysteriously gone from your site, rather, never made it there in the first place due to a variety of circumstances, more than half of which have to do with laziness.
Currently, there are at [...]

One Year (plus!)

So now I’ve managed to keep this thing kinda-sorta updated for more than a year!
Quite a feat, given that I’ve tried this 2-3 other times with the sites slumping into oblivion after a few weeks.
Go me!

The Federal Registry of Allergy, Cold, and Flu Sufferers

When it comes to sniffly noses from allergies, endless colds, and sinus infections, I’m something of an expert, given that at least half of any given year I’m “suffering” from at least one of the aforementioned annoyances. I’ve been through all the big names of stuffy-nose relief, both prescription and OTC. It’s taken [...]

Sumac, Ow.

All this crap used to be here:

Every last muscle in my arms, legs, and back hurts now. And I’m not done, but I far prefer the hill without the crappy sumac!
(Luckily, it’s not poison sumac!)

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