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The Shining Happy People

Via email this morning comes this gem of a trailer. A re-cut version of a classic film. Well, more than re-cut, more like totally re-envisioned. Either way, it’s brilliant.

‘Oy Vey’ Traffic Sign Goes Up in Brooklyn

Oy Vey, do I miss Brooklyn sometimes.

Pirate Loot!

This is so cool. Buried treasure, remote Pacific island, worth billions. And the name! The name, it speaks volumes:
Robinson Crusoe Island Treasure!

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, two days ago, at any rate.
I’ve identified 34 as entering the mid-30s: 30-33 = early thirties, 34-36 = mid-thirties, 37-39 = late thirties. I think I like being in my mid-30s, as I’m just now beginning to feel vaguely like a grown-up. That could be because I now have a mortgage, a [...]

Crash update

The crash on Wednesday made front page news yesterday.
There’s a bunch of us working behind the scenes to instigate some real solution to that corner.

A whole mess of deja vu

So the other morning I was walking out of the driveway on my way to the bus, and I heard a large truck idling up the street. Turned around to see what it was, and saw this truck, again.
This time, though, it was far away from my property. Freakishly, the thing [...]

More Photos, and movies!

Right, so things are a little crazy now, trying to be back at work and such.
Anyway, more still shots are up, as are the first movies!
Also, from here on out, Isaac-specific news and images will roll over to his own site, while general rambling, ranting, and occasional weepy fatherly spiels will remain here. Cute [...]

New photos up

Start here.
Feel free to comment on photos, too, by the way.

Isaac, Days 3 & 4

Exhausting days at home, but we are indeed home. It’s so much easier with a staff of pro nurses at your beck and call! Mainly, they let you sleep. Isaac is a slow eater, which means feeding time is lengthy. No more detail, but it’s not quite as much fun as [...]

Isaac, Day 2

Exhaustion never felt this good.
However, it will be better when we’re home and we can grab our intermittent sleep on our own bed, rather than in various medical-grade sleeping devices. At least Laura gets a real mattress — I’m on this bad boy:

OK, so it does pull out a bit more, but my feet [...]

Obama '08

Yes We Did


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