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One Thing Reconsidered

This Slate articlepicks up the debate started last week by the NY Times regarding the presence of men, and their squeamishness about, the delivery room/birth.
I came down hard on the squeamish and “presumed) “manly” men, of course, but the above article makes some good points. Mainly, that it’s probably a bad idea to have [...]

Waitin’ and A-Paintin’

No Baby Yet.
So, I filled my time by packing the ceiling of the bedroom with insulation, so as to muffle the sounds from the apartment above. So far, it seems to be doing a bang-up job, so I see more of this in my future. Then, I mowed the lawns, which, while exhausting, [...]

Waterfall, Take 2

OK, I was wrong. It wasn’t the crappy drain trap that leaked.
In fact, it was nothing plumbing- or pipe-related at all. The leak can be traced to two things: the shower surround, and the seal around the tub itself. Exploring the surround, I discovered an unsealed gap that I could stick half [...]

Version and Aversion

Here’s a recipe for Friday Night Fun: external version. Turns out The Boy was feet-first, head-up. IOW, exactly the reverse of how he’s supposed to be at this point in time. The term for that position is “footling breech.” This is a funny term, one that brings to mind two things:

The [...]

Keywords, please

Obviously, I need to get a good set of keywords into this here web site. Since in the past month, two old friends have wound up contacting my old place of employment trying to find me. Google is no frickin’ help, thanks to the Canadian dude who shares my name. Or maybe [...]


It was …. the drain trap for the bathtub.
I think. At any rate, there was quite the waterfall emitting from our bathroom ceiling last night. My suspicions currently point directly at the crappy old drains for the fixtures up there — not your typical u-shaped traps, but cylindrical PVC redirectors, really. When [...]

Of primer and mystery leaks

Yay! Primed The Boy’s room yesterday, and will get the paint on over the next two evenings. As usual, cleaning and taping was more difficult and time-consuming than the actual application of paint/primer. Bit of scraping and sanding will be needed on the window frames, but plenty of time to get that stuff [...]

Behind the Scenes

New version of Gallery, as the old one crapped out recently. Actually, after building the new one from scratch, it appears that a hosting snafu blew away the database the old Gallery ran on. Oh well. All the pictures are fine, so no big deal. Plus, the new one looks better [...]

I Was Touched by His Noodly Appendage

Dear Kansas School Board,
Your 6-member majority is a bunch of morons.
Me, I want the t-shirt.

Bat-Boy Bye-Bye

Apparently bats can hide themselves quite well. After searching briefly in the morning and more extensively in the early evening, I couldn’t find the little bugger. So around 8:30PM, it decides to swoop downstairs to see if the exit is that way … nope.
With a bit of broom-waving, I convinced it to go [...]

Obama '08

Yes We Did


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