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I’m Melting!

Too hot. Cold spring leaped into steamy summer without any bridge. Unexpected. Computer room too hot to bear for photo upload time. Arms stick to desk when trying to write. Please, O Gods of the Cold Fronts, make a visit to New Hampshire!

Old School: Adventures With Home Brew

Here is an article that makes me glad I started brewing in 1994, and not, say, 1964.
The technological and technique shifts since this article was published are amazing — now I can go buy chilled conical fermenters in multiple sizes for homebrew batches, a massive array of hops, grains, and yeasts, the chemicals to modify [...]

Back to Work in the Disaster Zone

So we’ve been back for a few days now, and have yet to catch up on the sleep sacrificed on the trip home. That pales in comparison to the news that the very day we left (hot, sunny), June 9, the area was brutalized by hardcore downpours to the tune of $1.7 million in [...]

*insert CA-based song title here*

We’re off for 10 days of not thinking about renovation, painting, shower surrounds, leaky shutoff valves, woodchucks, budgets, libraries, project scheduling and the like. This shall be accomplished by attending a wedding, eating with friends, spending some serious time amongst the coastal redwoods, and generally loafing.
Y’all behave, now.


I didn’t think, initially, that my plans to mow the lawn, seal a leaky shutoff valve, and prime 3 rooms was overly ambitious.
Then I mowed the lawn. Saturday, 11:30AM, about 88F outside. No sunscreen, very little liquid. Wooops.
First off, this is only the second time I’ve attempted the whole shebang — it [...]

10 Years Later

This past weekend, we had occasion to visit Willimantic, CT, where I lived for just over a year and a half while getting an MA at the University of Connecticut between 1993 and 1995. Suffice to say that Willi wasn’t the nicest place I’d ever lived. In the time there, my friend Brian [...]

Why I Live Where I Live

Granted, I’ve moved around a lot over the past decade, but this lifestyle is exactly what I’ve been trying to avoid. Sounds like one long nightmare of blandness.

Obama '08

Yes We Did


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