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Busy at work, busy at home.
So why not explore the world of standards-compliant web design? Or compare a contemporary jab at consulting with this classic (by web standards) one. Or root around in the mucky ends of the internet? All mucho big-time fun, I promise.

Classic Surfing

Like about a million other bloggers, I read Boing Boing. I was greatly amused by this yesterday. Today, they directed me over here, which is also rather funny. That site led me to peruse the ol’ blogroll, and since my wife edited a book about wooly mammoths, The American Mastodon caught my [...]

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s …

SUPERDAWG! Passing on advice for a friend heading out to Chicago, I made sure to recommend my all-time favorite hot dog joint. This, in turn, got me all wistful for the past. Just shy of 10 years ago, I left UConn to attend Northwestern University (back when it was still “”) for [...]

Bye-Bye Lance

It’s been talked about for months in the cycling world, but today, it’s official: Lance Armstrong is retiring after this year’s Tour de France.
As a long-time cycling fan who happens to be 7 days younger than Lance himself, this is not unexpected, but it is a blow to the sport. The six [...]

I never thought I’d confess that raking the yard would be fun.

Today, we did yardwork. Over 70 degrees outside, sunny, and damn does the yard look like crap. Of course, nothing had been done to it since mid-August of 2004, so I suppose that’s not too surprising. Still, something had to be done.
So we raked up the fall’s leaves, cleared out what appears to [...]

First pictures posted

The Boy’s first shots as a recognizable being are now available. The 12-week shot of a vaguely peanut-looking blob, while nifty to us, isn’t nearly as interesting. Here they are.
(Excuse the odd background; something goofy happened when configuring the image software.)

Hello world!

I’ve written exactly four “Hello World!” programming statements. One for an HTML page sometime in 1994 (well, late January of 1994. Or maybe February), another one in a failed attempt to learn C, and another one while making myself familiar with JSP. And now this one.
This one’s more fun. Also written [...]

Obama '08

Yes We Did


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