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For the past 10 months, I’ve been the Chair of the Lebanon Energy Advisory Committee. After months of discussion, the Committee prepared a series of recommendations for the City Council and the City Manager, and presented them last Wednesday night.  That is to say, I, as Chair, presented the recommendations.
To say it went well is [...]

Smells like fall

Today smells like fall, 100%.  Still summer for a few more days, but you’d be hard-pressed to believe that.

Hail to the Chie^h^h^h^h Chair!

Yep. I’m now the Chair of the Lebanon Energy Advisory Committee. Woo-hoo! It’s an agenda-setting and meeting-leading position, essentially, but it is nice to be “in charge.” It’s also a chance to really make a difference and have an impact in my city. Looking very much forward to the challenge!

Day of Awesomeness

Spent yesterday at home with a (not really all that) sick toddler, which was actually a lot of fun, since he wasn’t really sick at all, but the evening contained the notable bits.
1) Kicked off the Lebanon Energy Advisory Committee with our first meeting, which went well.  Should be a great committee to be on!
2) [...]

A little slice of heaven in New England

The New York Times has reviewed our area. Sounds like an AWESOME! place to live!
The kind of place one can pick up a nearly $400,000 house “on a lark!” The best part, though, is here:
Indoors, bistros throb with live Latin jazz, stylish women browse in designer T-shirt shops, and markets teem with enough [...]

More primary stuff

This shot graced the front page of our local paper this morning:

Then we hit the monster (seriously, see here) Obama rally at the Lebanon Opera House (photos here). Obama is an amazing speaker, really stirring and inspiring:

And yet I still don’t know how I’m going to cast my vote! I’ll probably wind up [...]

Primary Season

It’s New Hampshire, and it’s primary season.
10 political calls on Saturday, plus 4 flyers, and one stumper.
Today, a Richardson rally in Hanover — –tomorrow, an Obama event in Lebanon.  Tuesday, I’ll figure out who I’m voting for…

Premier #2

Back in 2003, I managed to convince Stone Brewing Co. to do a pre-premier premier of their beers in New York City at the place I was then working, Bierkraft. That was kind of a little coup, and quite fun.
This year, although I had nothing to do with it this time, I found myself [...]

Snow Day!

Finally, some snow.  Up to and beyond two feet of the stuff by the end of the storm on Thursday, from the sounds of it.
‘Bout time, say I.  As it’s the first heavy storm in nearly two years, the area kind of freaked out — work closed down even!  Once the temperatures creak into the [...]

The Local

Last night I ducked out of the house for a few hours in the evening to have a few pints with a friend I’m planning some events with (homebrew instruction, followed by a beer dinner with the homebrew produced in the first class), and we wound up meeting a the Seven Barrel Brewpub, which is [...]

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