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David Foster Wallace, RIP

Woke up Sunday morning to read the news that DFW had hung himself.  Probably my favorite living writer, and a “celebrity” death that hit me pretty hard, rather than the more typical “well, that’s too bad” gloss I tend to have.
Great summary over at Salon.

Recent Reading

Taking a break from the perpetual state of catching up on New Yorkers, I recently chugged through a few novels:

Forever, by Pete Hamill
The Book of Air and Shadows, by Michael Gruber

Forever appears to be the basis of the newish Fox show “New Amsterdam,” about an immortal detective; the base plotline is ripped wholesale from Hamill’s [...]

Harry Potter, and Beer

A more perfect nerdalicious weekend could not be envisioned.
Saturday: wake up, mess around with Isaac, begin waiting anxiously for THE BOX to arrive.  Call UPS … repeatedly. Give up, decide to head out for the day as planned.  Drive one block.  See mail truck as we turn the corner. Cut back to that street, zip [...]

Six Degrees of NPR

Running errands, listening to NPR PRI (Show: Here and Now), and … wait … that name sounds familiar …
Yep, Tom Zoellner, the interviewed author of The Heartless Stone turns out to be the same Tom Zoellner I went to college with. Of course, I didn’t really know him, although one of my closest friends was [...]

Laura the Radio Goddess

For an evening, at least: The Front Porch, NHPR’s local interview show.
See also What’s the Word, an MLA-produced show that she was on 5 years ago.

Updates? What is this, a blog?

So I started this thing with the intent to write semi-often. As per usual, I’ve fallen off drastically. Well, here’s the magical “How Stuff’s Going” catch-up post!
Ager Acres: We have a mole … or fifty. Seriously, the ground is chewed up to an unreal degree. Something drastic might have to be done. [...]

Vowell Sounds

Currently reading The Partly Cloudy Patriot, by Sarah Vowell.
Why did it take me until now to really dive into her written work? Especially since I’ve been a huge fan of her radio work on This American Life ever since we heard the bit about her gunsmith father and his cannon while driving to Michigan [...]

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