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Springtime nature shots from around the house

Forget-me-nots in the lower field.

Jack-in-the-pulpit, along the river.

MANY Jack-in-the-pulpits along the river!

Looking up the hill from the lower field.

Apple tree in full blossom.

Apple flowers.  If only I could capture the scent, too…

Pondering Home Improvements

We’ve been dithering about on various home improvements for months now, and it’s time to start thinking about what to do.  What’s on the list? A better question is what isn’t on the list, but the biggies are:

exterior paint
heating/cooling (and their costs)

We have some good lines on upgrading our windows on the cheap (not all [...]

Two Years (and a day)

Yup, two years ago yesterday, we signed the papers on our house.  *That* went fast!
Also two years ago yesterday evening, we found out the Isaac would be coming along.  *That* went fast! (Not so much in August, but still….)
Like, wow, man.

Clearing the Land

So earlier this week, we had some arborists come in and clear up the lower portion of the land. Here’s the results of the first day of work:
What we started with:

And here’s how it looked this morning:

Further work photography has been hindered by night and rain — final shots coming soon.


Sumac and box alder tangle.

Wait, what, it’s fall?

How the hell did this happen?
The yard is coated in leaves and apples.  Frost warnings.  Cool temperatures. And that was the last week of August!
On the plus side, the heirloom apples are cropping up at Poverty Lane Orchards (and the regular apples are rocking, too), the air smells great, football season is in progress, and [...]

Long Weekend

Lots of good stuff this weekend, not least of which was the 4-day length of it! But the key was deciding to just go for it and build the front walkway with the rocks I salvaged on Father’s Day.
There they are, sitting roughly in place:
Here it is in process:
2729 2735
Finished layout:
And set mostly in place:
2759 2762
All that [...]

Productive Weekend

Friday night, I began the mash for a batch of foreign-style stout (stronger than normal, more robust roastiness, hoppier). This to save time on Saturday morning, so we would fit in all the other stuff going on. Saturday morning, the sparge was running by 7:45AM!
2530 2534 [...]

Gateway Gardening

So this past weekend, I spent a rainy Saturday morning hauling rocks about:
(click the photo to see the rest of our shots)
This was part of a project a few of us had been cooking up for some time, a series of decorative gardens denoting the “entrances” to the center of Lebanon. A hopeful side effect [...]


So yesterday — June 4th — we had to keep cycling on the heat. I had turned that system off almost a month ago, but had to flip it back on over the weekend, it was so freaking cold inside. More that it was cool and rainy outside, which accentuated the chill inside.
But [...]

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