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New Year’s Resolutions suck.
Big promises, fervent attention to them for a few weeks, then a few weeks of less effort, followed by giving up completely, feeling guilty for a bit, then just going with the flow.  And that’s the best case most of the time!
I stopped making them a long time ago, or keeping it [...]

Funny Stuff

From Garfield minus Garfield, easily one of the freakiest and most brilliant things I’ve seen on the ‘Tubes lately.
Then there’s this, from Playmobil:

Yes, that’s a Playmobil Security Checkpoint, and yes, it’s real. The best part about that thing is the commentary on Amazon.


So yes, I’m a million years behind and only recently obtained an iPod.  Anyway, I hit that moment of Shuffle Zen just now, transitioning from intense early Fugazi to a Kronos Quartet African bit (coincidentally music we played at our wedding).  Niiiiiice.

A little slice of heaven in New England

The New York Times has reviewed our area. Sounds like an AWESOME! place to live!
The kind of place one can pick up a nearly $400,000 house “on a lark!” The best part, though, is here:
Indoors, bistros throb with live Latin jazz, stylish women browse in designer T-shirt shops, and markets teem with enough [...]

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, yesterday.  Can’t even manage to be timely on my own blog anymore.
36 years young, woohoo!

Minor Directional Shift

Posts containing actual content have been few and far between here for a while (mainly due to the time required to study database architecture during the day and chase Isaac around the yard in the evenings), but I’m going to make an attempt at a shift, and actually focus on a few things for a [...]

Virtual Wedding Attendance

Today, in Britain, my friend Dave got married.  I couldn’t make it. But others in our circle of friends could, and thanks to this crazy modern technology, I’ve been posting emailed cellphone-camera photos of the day as it progresses to Flickr.
Here they are.
These intertubes, they are quite useful!


It’s the first day of spring.
At 8:00AM, the temperature is -0.9 degrees Fahrenheit.
That is all.

So, these link things … what’s the deal?

It provides a way to have a more-updated blog, by importing stuff I tag on delicious on a regular basis.  Makes me look all active and whatnot.  Plus, then I can tag up neato articles and whatnot, toss in a comment, and move on.  Yay!

The Session Beer Project

My friend Lew has a new mission. The Session Beer Project is an attempt to raise the public profile of lower-alcohol, yet still delicious beers. Why? Well, I’ll let him explain:
Time to get self-aware and plausibly deny things. We write about extreme beers for a very simple reason: they’re news. They’re [...]

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