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Back on the Scene

I hope.
A few comments to kick things off again:

Working at home is a fine opportunity to test the applicability of the Ballmer Peak to non-coding work.
The sport of cycling has become virtually unwatchable, due to endless goddamn scandal. This is depressing.
Fortunately, the Patriots this year make cycling’s precipitous falloff more bearable (although [...]

The Sucky Kind of Deja Vu

Remember this? And this?
I thought I had solved this in January of 2006 by sealing off leakages from the hot water heater.  Since both “finds” linked above were wrong.
But no.  This morning at 7:30, water just started POURING  through the ceiling hatch and the fan cutout.  After waking up our tenant, I discovered that it [...]

Pondering Home Improvements

We’ve been dithering about on various home improvements for months now, and it’s time to start thinking about what to do.  What’s on the list? A better question is what isn’t on the list, but the biggies are:

exterior paint
heating/cooling (and their costs)

We have some good lines on upgrading our windows on the cheap (not all [...]

Two Years (and a day)

Yup, two years ago yesterday, we signed the papers on our house.  *That* went fast!
Also two years ago yesterday evening, we found out the Isaac would be coming along.  *That* went fast! (Not so much in August, but still….)
Like, wow, man.

O, Glorious Fridge

Over the past week, various home improvement projects have taken place thaks to the knowledge and assistance of Vance, Laura’s stepfather. Yes, we now have backerboard laid for tile in the hallway, a cat door installed to the basement, various light fixtures fixed or removed, and the weird second-floor hallway door insulated, but nothing is [...]

More New Stuff

Carpet, this time:

Crew arrived at 7:55AM, and was out the door by 10:25.  SO MUCH BETTER!

Recent Activity by Mr. Fixit

Two weeks ago, it became clear that the garbage disposal had kicked the bucket.  After holding off/being too busy for 4-5 days, the growing odor from what was left in the disposer forced the issue, so I grabbed the channel-locks and attacked.  Turns out swapping a disposal unit out is pretty simple, minus the awkward [...]

Long Weekend

Lots of good stuff this weekend, not least of which was the 4-day length of it! But the key was deciding to just go for it and build the front walkway with the rocks I salvaged on Father’s Day.
There they are, sitting roughly in place:
Here it is in process:
2729 2735
Finished layout:
And set mostly in place:
2759 2762
All that [...]

Feels Like Last Summer

Without the drenching sweat.
Sunday — spent the afternoon in the apartment painting. Thankfully, only some touch-up work to prepare for new tenants (yay!) who will show up on Thursday. We even managed to get a washer/dryer installed (I did absolutely no work other than vague decision-making on that project, thank jeebus).
Tonight, I get [...]

Oh yeah … the waterfall

So, the indoor waterfall.
It’s been traced to the source(s). Yep, two leaks.
Leak 1 = seam in the floor between the actual bathroom floor and the closetlike space the hot-water heater hides in. One clue is the rotten wood at the base of the wall.
Leak 2 = the back edge [...]

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