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Dual-ing Topics: Exercise and the Economy

As that post-election glow starts to fade, the ugly reality of the current economy creeps back into focus. There are a bunch of related pieces on how to deal with it, but the common thread is: go big, go hard. (Folks listed there are Paul Krugman, Robert Reich, and Noam Scheiber.)
And exercise? Well, the workouts [...]

Back to the Gym

So after about a 4-week baby-related layoff from exercise, I started up again this week.
This time, and for the next few months, it’s CrossFit.  Conveniently, the first workout (WOD — Workout of the Day) was the CrossFit Total, a strength session based on the squat, press, and deadlift.  It’s “scored” as a total of the [...]

(re)Version … or not

Apparently, The Girl is stubborn.
After last week’s version, she flipped back to a head-up position.  So back we went to the hospital last night to try again, this time with the goal of inducing labor after the successful version in order to avoid further baby flips before the due date one week off.
Three attempts later, [...]

Form Correction

So the last two weeks have been pretty crap for lifting.  I hit the heavier squats in recent weeks with what turns out to be incorrect form in my grip, which resulted in terrible shooting pains in my forearms up through my biceps.  Fun!  So after some advice from friends and re-reading the Squat chapter [...]

Footling Redux

The Girl is also a footling breech. Oy. (Memory jog.)

Working Out

So over this summer, I’ve slowly re-dedicated myself to getting fit, and trying more seriously to shed the extra 45 pounds or so that have accumulated since graduate school.
Yeah, that’s right: 45 pounds.  70 if you count the change from college days.
It all started, really, with heading back to another favorite activity, reading Metafilter. I [...]

Sick Sucks

Strep throat = no goddamn fun.  Sometimes, being sick allows you to relax, catch up on sleep, etc.  This one, however, is 100% aggravating: eating and drinking = pain … even stuff like ice cream and pudding.  Yogurt smoothies and Slim-Fast are about the sum total of foods taken into my mouth without pain this [...]

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