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Tuesday = Not All That Super

I don’t think anyone expected slam-dunks out of the uber-primaries, and that’s certainly what didn’t happen.  Lots of support for both across the board.  Romney’s just flushing money at this point, though, which I find amusing.


(oh, and Bowl)
Will be interesting to see what happens tonight, and how the endorsements roll over the next week or so.  Republicans look more locked up than the Dems, but that could easily change as well.
As for the Super-Duper Bowl, well, it was odd: for the first time in 27 Super Bowls, a team I [...]

Ah well.

Looks like my guy is dropping out.  Not terribly surprising considering the results of Iowa and New Hampshire.  He really needed better PR guys.

The Day After (NH Version)

Well, THAT was interesting.
It looks like we have a real race on our hands, and that’s probably a good thing.

Decision Made!

Went with Richardson, feeling that I want his message to last longer than just New Hampshire.
Now, who the hell are all these other people?!

Decision Time

I have three choices today.

Vote according to actual agreement on key (for me) issues — that would mean Kucinich or Gravel, backups into Edwards and Richardson.
Vote going by blander policy proposals*, keying in on one main issue (energy) — that would mean Richardson, backing into Obama.
Vote going by inspiration and vaguer feelings of “leadership” — [...]

More primary stuff

This shot graced the front page of our local paper this morning:

Then we hit the monster (seriously, see here) Obama rally at the Lebanon Opera House (photos here). Obama is an amazing speaker, really stirring and inspiring:

And yet I still don’t know how I’m going to cast my vote! I’ll probably wind up [...]

A bit of Richardson

A few energy- and education-related minutes of Richardson’s stump speech in Hanover, NH yesterday:

Obama '08

Yes We Did


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