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A Good Loss

Watched a good chunk of the Cardinals/49ers on Monday night waiting for Naomi to fall asleep, and was very heartened to see strong defensive play, and not-terrible offensive play.  They did a LOT right, which I haven’t seen in years. Yes, they lost in the end, but the overall impression I got was of a [...]

Some hope for my Niners

It’s not just Obama seeding hope around these days, it’s also Mike Singletary.  That press conference gives me the first real hopes for success I’ve had about my favorite team in close to 10 years.
Aside: yes, I am also a Patriots fan, which was an unexpected development in 2001, about the same time the 49ers [...]

Working Out

So over this summer, I’ve slowly re-dedicated myself to getting fit, and trying more seriously to shed the extra 45 pounds or so that have accumulated since graduate school.
Yeah, that’s right: 45 pounds.  70 if you count the change from college days.
It all started, really, with heading back to another favorite activity, reading Metafilter. I [...]


(oh, and Bowl)
Will be interesting to see what happens tonight, and how the endorsements roll over the next week or so.  Republicans look more locked up than the Dems, but that could easily change as well.
As for the Super-Duper Bowl, well, it was odd: for the first time in 27 Super Bowls, a team I [...]

Tour dope France

What. A. Mess.
The latest hit is best described by Deadspin:  “Rasmussen told to leave Tour de France, which is kind of like suspending Bonds for steroids while he’s rounding the bases.”  Latest?  Oh yeah, all this junk happened already.
It’s difficult to maintain an interest in the sport, after the last two Tours du Scandal.

Catching Up with the Cycling Season

Being sick at home has one or two advantages, among them being able to catch up, at long last, on the hours and hours of cycling I had stored on the DVR so far this year.
In quick succession, I’ve worked my way through the Tour of California, Milan-San Remo (and Tirreno-Adriatico as a bonus), and [...]


I’ve been only vaguely paying attention to pro cycling this year, still getting over the scandal garbage from last season. But this news snippet caught my eye this morning (via Cyclingnews):

VDB hoping for the Giro d’Italia
By Susan Westemeyer


I heard there’s a football thing this weekend

Yep, Super Bowl time. This year, I’ll be seeing it on a big-screen HDTV, courtesy of a friend. I’m guessing that my pitch to save for HDTV will start approximately 48 seconds after I get home from this.
So in preparation, here are a few things to read so you’re fully prepared:

Actual Analysis: Courtesy of [...]

Red Floyd

Um, not so awesome. Do I even need to link the past week’s news? Didn’t think so.
I’ll reserve the euphoria of the Tour itself to a nice crystalline time capsule of pure fun.

Yellow Floyd


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