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Second-Best Chicago-Related Story This Month

What’s the first?  Some dude.
This post, though, is about my favorite brewpub of all time. They just got a lease extension! Until yesterday, they were set to close up the Clybourn pub in late December of this year, but now:
John Hall, Goose Island’s founder and chief executive, said he reached a last-minute deal with the [...]


Yesterday, I proctored a BJCP exam down in Nashua.
That involved judging the same beers the examinees judged during their test, but using a judging form with a vastly expanded amount of writing real estate, so that the exam graders can have a baseline against which to assess the judging sheets provided by the examinees.  That [...]

Brewing Fail

No beer made on Saturday.  Why?  This:

That’s an 80kg. drum of liquid malt extract, which requires a drum wrench to open.  I didn’t have a drum wrench … although I do now.  Hopefully the beer will get made next week.
Drum wrenches: warehouse supply places = $55.  Amazon = $8. Um…..

Brewing Again

So this weekend, Dan and I will be brewing a bunch of IPA — probably 10 gallons of “regular” IPA, and 5 gallons or so of DIPA (double IPA for all of you not in tune with beer acronyms — basically stronger and hoppier beer).  Using extract due to time constraints (daycare picnic in the [...]

Of Mourning and Beer

Usually, beer is a thing of joy.  Occasionally not, however, as was the case last summer, when the founding father of beer journalism and writing, Michael Jackson, passed away. This morning, I was directed to the site “i miss michael,” dedicated to memories of Michael Jackson.  I had watched/read/heard most of those already, but being [...]

A Friday Afternoon Web Roundup

Been busy flailing away on a largish web project lately.  Well, that and playing Scrabulous on Facebook.  Anyway, here are some fun and wacky things from the Interwebs to entertain on a Friday afternoon:

 The true meaning of W’s favorite painting. The irony is strong with this one.
A bacon-print and bacon-scented tuxedo! (Note that there is [...]

Premier #2

Back in 2003, I managed to convince Stone Brewing Co. to do a pre-premier premier of their beers in New York City at the place I was then working, Bierkraft. That was kind of a little coup, and quite fun.
This year, although I had nothing to do with it this time, I found myself [...]

Of Beer

Club brew on Saturday, featuring the first run of my brand-new pump.  Too bad the siphon from the kettle still doesn’t function!  A week of tinkering coming up, bleah. But that ought to be followed by a few late-season brewing sessions that will be well-planned and efficient, I swear it.  Especially since I’m going to [...]

Back on the Scene

I hope.
A few comments to kick things off again:

Working at home is a fine opportunity to test the applicability of the Ballmer Peak to non-coding work.
The sport of cycling has become virtually unwatchable, due to endless goddamn scandal. This is depressing.
Fortunately, the Patriots this year make cycling’s precipitous falloff more bearable (although [...]

Beer, Beer, Beer!

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