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A Friday Afternoon Web Roundup

Been busy flailing away on a largish web project lately.  Well, that and playing Scrabulous on Facebook.  Anyway, here are some fun and wacky things from the Interwebs to entertain on a Friday afternoon:

 The true meaning of W’s favorite painting. The irony is strong with this one.
A bacon-print and bacon-scented tuxedo! (Note that there is [...]

Premier #2

Back in 2003, I managed to convince Stone Brewing Co. to do a pre-premier premier of their beers in New York City at the place I was then working, Bierkraft. That was kind of a little coup, and quite fun.
This year, although I had nothing to do with it this time, I found myself [...]

Of Beer

Club brew on Saturday, featuring the first run of my brand-new pump.  Too bad the siphon from the kettle still doesn’t function!  A week of tinkering coming up, bleah. But that ought to be followed by a few late-season brewing sessions that will be well-planned and efficient, I swear it.  Especially since I’m going to [...]

Beer, Beer, Beer!

Harry Potter, and Beer

A more perfect nerdalicious weekend could not be envisioned.
Saturday: wake up, mess around with Isaac, begin waiting anxiously for THE BOX to arrive.  Call UPS … repeatedly. Give up, decide to head out for the day as planned.  Drive one block.  See mail truck as we turn the corner. Cut back to that street, zip [...]

My Own Private Stout, Oh-Ho

If I want any claim at all to the tag of “beer blogger,” I’d best be participating in what’s now known as “The Session.” So, here we go.
The theme being “Not Your Father’s Stout,” I figure I’ll chat a bit about my own stout, currently tapped up in my basement. I’m not sure that [...]

The Local

Last night I ducked out of the house for a few hours in the evening to have a few pints with a friend I’m planning some events with (homebrew instruction, followed by a beer dinner with the homebrew produced in the first class), and we wound up meeting a the Seven Barrel Brewpub, which is [...]

The Session Beer Project

My friend Lew has a new mission. The Session Beer Project is an attempt to raise the public profile of lower-alcohol, yet still delicious beers. Why? Well, I’ll let him explain:
Time to get self-aware and plausibly deny things. We write about extreme beers for a very simple reason: they’re news. They’re [...]

Beer Getting Old

I’ve long been a tremendous fan of aged beer.  Not all of it, obviously, but stronger ales and the occasional oddball porter have for years impressed me in aged form (let’s say 3 or more years of age) with big changes in flavor, new flavors coming from the degradation of old flavors, the gentle sherry [...]

Back in the Tasting Game

On November 1st, I led a beer and food tasting for the Dartmouth graduate student association. We had ~35 people attend, with the following pairings:
Round 1:

Farnum Hill Semi-Dry Cider, matched up with prosciutto-wrapped melon
Smuttynose Portsmouth Lager, matched with a spicy chicken satay
Otter Creek Stove Pipe Porter, matched with a Saint Andre triple cream
cheese on [...]

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