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A collection of newspaper front pages.  Awesome.

A Few Good Reads

From around the web this week (and earlier):

Joe Klein interview with Barack Obama
Ta-Nehisi Coates on Obama’s grandparents
Make-Believe Maverick, Rolling Stone’s cover story on McCain
The actual exchange with Joe the Plumber (plus transcript)

The interview just makes me think “how can anyone who considers themselves rational in any way NOT vote for Obama?”  Coates’ piece is just [...]

Black Comic Introduces McCain

Via the New York Observer.
The coffee, it came close to coating my computer!
This is awesome.

A little slice of heaven in New England

The New York Times has reviewed our area. Sounds like an AWESOME! place to live!
The kind of place one can pick up a nearly $400,000 house “on a lark!” The best part, though, is here:
Indoors, bistros throb with live Latin jazz, stylish women browse in designer T-shirt shops, and markets teem with enough [...]

A Friday Afternoon Web Roundup

Been busy flailing away on a largish web project lately.  Well, that and playing Scrabulous on Facebook.  Anyway, here are some fun and wacky things from the Interwebs to entertain on a Friday afternoon:

 The true meaning of W’s favorite painting. The irony is strong with this one.
A bacon-print and bacon-scented tuxedo! (Note that there is [...]

Scott is Internet Famous!

Our friend Scott is interviewed by Television Without Pity.

Beer, Beer, Beer!

links for 2007-06-05

When Should a Kid Start Kindergarten? - New York Times
Deeply scary article about early-childhood education, and when to enter kindergarten these days. Hope they sort this all out int he next, say, 3-4 years!
(tags: childhood isaac education)

links for 2007-06-01

Platform 9 3/4, King’s Cross Station
Off to Hogwarts!
(tags: books flickr photos harrypotter literature Humor)

links for 2007-05-24

Just Give the One Finger Salute and Keep Going
The real kicker here is the video footage of the 20-mile skydive. UNREAL.
(tags: space parachute skydiving spacediving awesomeness)

More 20-Mile skydive footage
Actually a Boards of Canada video, but the beginning features clearer footage of the helium balloon in question … he rode 20 miles up in THAT?!!?
(tags: [...]

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