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Of Beer

Club brew on Saturday, featuring the first run of my brand-new pump.  Too bad the siphon from the kettle still doesn’t function!  A week of tinkering coming up, bleah. But that ought to be followed by a few late-season brewing sessions that will be well-planned and efficient, I swear it.  Especially since I’m going to [...]

A Malty Classroom

It’s been a long, long time since I “taught” anything, but this weekend, I taught a course on homebrewing.
As part of a program focused on wintertime activities in Vermont (”Cabin Fever University”), a friend hosted the class, and I arrived with a simple recipe, books, and gear. We tasted liquid and dry malt extract, smelled [...]

Who Owes Who What?

Lots of beerbloggy activity this past weekend.  Lew started things off by discussing an exchange from the Brewers Association forum, which resonated in his own comments, and also over to Appellation Beer, A Good Beer Blog, and Beeradvocate, of course (BA Magazine being the inspiration for the kickoff forum exchange).
Lots to digest, but the main [...]

The Local

Last night I ducked out of the house for a few hours in the evening to have a few pints with a friend I’m planning some events with (homebrew instruction, followed by a beer dinner with the homebrew produced in the first class), and we wound up meeting a the Seven Barrel Brewpub, which is [...]

Beer Dinner

Friday night we attended a Harpoon beer tasting and dinner at the Hanover Inn. The tasting presented off-flavored beers first (missed that part, but a good thing to do for the uninitiated), then moved into the selections for the evening.

Harpoon Ale
Harpoon IPA
Raspberry Hefeweizen
Munich Dark
100 BBL Encore Barleywine

Their standard Ale — hard to find, annoyingly — [...]

Beer Getting Old

I’ve long been a tremendous fan of aged beer.  Not all of it, obviously, but stronger ales and the occasional oddball porter have for years impressed me in aged form (let’s say 3 or more years of age) with big changes in flavor, new flavors coming from the degradation of old flavors, the gentle sherry [...]

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