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Hello World!

Naomi Mary Ager!

Delivered Friday, October 3, 2008, at 12:41PM.
7 pounds, 11 ounces
20 inches long

Coping By Posting

From the Palo Alto Weekly, May 7, 2007:
Mary Ager
Mary Hinderlie Ager, 66, a resident of Palo Alto, died of cancer in her home April 23.
She was born in Tyler, Minn. She grew up in Waseca, Minn., Midway, Wash., and West Seattle, Wash. In 1963 she graduated cum laude from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn. [...]

New Stuff

Um, the big new thing is a NEW BABY on the way! Due October 9.
In vastly lesser news, this place has changed a bit — dual-column theme now, and the 2.5 version of Wordpress. I know, I know, fascinating.  But, this can do neat stuff with photos now, all on its own. Witness:

Day of Awesomeness

Spent yesterday at home with a (not really all that) sick toddler, which was actually a lot of fun, since he wasn’t really sick at all, but the evening contained the notable bits.
1) Kicked off the Lebanon Energy Advisory Committee with our first meeting, which went well.  Should be a great committee to be on!
2) [...]

Back on the Scene

I hope.
A few comments to kick things off again:

Working at home is a fine opportunity to test the applicability of the Ballmer Peak to non-coding work.
The sport of cycling has become virtually unwatchable, due to endless goddamn scandal. This is depressing.
Fortunately, the Patriots this year make cycling’s precipitous falloff more bearable (although [...]

8 Iron-Clad Years

July 10, 1999, we were wed.
Today, in honor of that event, we purchased a cast iron skillet.

Yes, cast iron. All the “traditional” and “modern” officialized anniversary gift categories sucked (bronze? pottery (we have more than enough decorative pottery, thank you very much)? linens and lace? fie upon these things! fie!), so we decided over lunch [...]

Springtime nature shots from around the house

Forget-me-nots in the lower field.

Jack-in-the-pulpit, along the river.

MANY Jack-in-the-pulpits along the river!

Looking up the hill from the lower field.

Apple tree in full blossom.

Apple flowers.  If only I could capture the scent, too…

The Sucky Kind of Deja Vu

Remember this? And this?
I thought I had solved this in January of 2006 by sealing off leakages from the hot water heater.  Since both “finds” linked above were wrong.
But no.  This morning at 7:30, water just started POURING  through the ceiling hatch and the fan cutout.  After waking up our tenant, I discovered that it [...]

Snow Day!

Finally, some snow.  Up to and beyond two feet of the stuff by the end of the storm on Thursday, from the sounds of it.
‘Bout time, say I.  As it’s the first heavy storm in nearly two years, the area kind of freaked out — work closed down even!  Once the temperatures creak into the [...]

Two Years (and a day)

Yup, two years ago yesterday, we signed the papers on our house.  *That* went fast!
Also two years ago yesterday evening, we found out the Isaac would be coming along.  *That* went fast! (Not so much in August, but still….)
Like, wow, man.

Obama '08

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