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New Stuff

Um, the big new thing is a NEW BABY on the way! Due October 9.
In vastly lesser news, this place has changed a bit — dual-column theme now, and the 2.5 version of Wordpress. I know, I know, fascinating.  But, this can do neat stuff with photos now, all on its own. Witness:

Funny Stuff

From Garfield minus Garfield, easily one of the freakiest and most brilliant things I’ve seen on the ‘Tubes lately.
Then there’s this, from Playmobil:

Yes, that’s a Playmobil Security Checkpoint, and yes, it’s real. The best part about that thing is the commentary on Amazon.

Beer, Beer, Beer!

Small changes

The link-as-post application seems to be more and more sporadic … so I moved all that junk to the sidebar.  Also rearranged a few bits and pieces.  Much to review from the past few weeks … all that will come soon!

So, these link things … what’s the deal?

It provides a way to have a more-updated blog, by importing stuff I tag on delicious on a regular basis.  Makes me look all active and whatnot.  Plus, then I can tag up neato articles and whatnot, toss in a comment, and move on.  Yay!

The Session Beer Project

My friend Lew has a new mission. The Session Beer Project is an attempt to raise the public profile of lower-alcohol, yet still delicious beers. Why? Well, I’ll let him explain:
Time to get self-aware and plausibly deny things. We write about extreme beers for a very simple reason: they’re news. They’re [...]

And back to the new style…

Upgrading too soon can break your theme, I guess.
Software that runs this joint is upgraded, and now so is the theme.  AND I’ve managed to get my own image up in the header this time!  More edits on the way, and a whole passel of new links and whatnot.

New Look!

Time for a new appearance.  This theme is nice and clean, and eventually I’ll be popping in slices of photos into the header image rotation.  Enjoy!

How Blogs Start

A few months ago, this post, seen on Matt Haughey’s site, I believe, piqued my interest, having recently unloaded many hundreds of non-reimbursable dollars on glasses and prescription sunglasses.
Turns out there are many MANY folks whose interest was piqued, so now there\’s a devoted blog — Glassy Eyes — on how to get eyeglasses supercheap [...]


So the past few days, you may have noticed the sidebar appearing at the South Pole of this site … appears to be the result of formatting the post immediately preceding this one, and a few extra p-tags getting slapped on in the PHP.  Weird.  Anyway, the egregious (unclosed div tag) error is fixed, the [...]

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