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Yesterday, I proctored a BJCP exam down in Nashua.
That involved judging the same beers the examinees judged during their test, but using a judging form with a vastly expanded amount of writing real estate, so that the exam graders can have a baseline against which to assess the judging sheets provided by the examinees.  That [...]

Brewing Fail

No beer made on Saturday.  Why?  This:

That’s an 80kg. drum of liquid malt extract, which requires a drum wrench to open.  I didn’t have a drum wrench … although I do now.  Hopefully the beer will get made next week.
Drum wrenches: warehouse supply places = $55.  Amazon = $8. Um…..

Brewing Again

So this weekend, Dan and I will be brewing a bunch of IPA — probably 10 gallons of “regular” IPA, and 5 gallons or so of DIPA (double IPA for all of you not in tune with beer acronyms — basically stronger and hoppier beer).  Using extract due to time constraints (daycare picnic in the [...]

Of Beer

Club brew on Saturday, featuring the first run of my brand-new pump.  Too bad the siphon from the kettle still doesn’t function!  A week of tinkering coming up, bleah. But that ought to be followed by a few late-season brewing sessions that will be well-planned and efficient, I swear it.  Especially since I’m going to [...]

Back on the Scene

I hope.
A few comments to kick things off again:

Working at home is a fine opportunity to test the applicability of the Ballmer Peak to non-coding work.
The sport of cycling has become virtually unwatchable, due to endless goddamn scandal. This is depressing.
Fortunately, the Patriots this year make cycling’s precipitous falloff more bearable (although [...]

A Malty Classroom

It’s been a long, long time since I “taught” anything, but this weekend, I taught a course on homebrewing.
As part of a program focused on wintertime activities in Vermont (”Cabin Fever University”), a friend hosted the class, and I arrived with a simple recipe, books, and gear. We tasted liquid and dry malt extract, smelled [...]

My Own Private Stout, Oh-Ho

If I want any claim at all to the tag of “beer blogger,” I’d best be participating in what’s now known as “The Session.” So, here we go.
The theme being “Not Your Father’s Stout,” I figure I’ll chat a bit about my own stout, currently tapped up in my basement. I’m not sure that [...]

O, Glorious Fridge

Over the past week, various home improvement projects have taken place thaks to the knowledge and assistance of Vance, Laura’s stepfather. Yes, we now have backerboard laid for tile in the hallway, a cat door installed to the basement, various light fixtures fixed or removed, and the weird second-floor hallway door insulated, but nothing is [...]

Slow Day in the Fermentation Bucket

So I checked the gravity on last week’s stout — 4 days of pretty vigorous fermentation oughta take it down a bit, right? — and came up with a rather high number: 1.038.  This stuff has a ways to go yet, as it really should wind up around 1.016 or so.  Good things are worth [...]

Productive Weekend

Friday night, I began the mash for a batch of foreign-style stout (stronger than normal, more robust roastiness, hoppier). This to save time on Saturday morning, so we would fit in all the other stuff going on. Saturday morning, the sparge was running by 7:45AM!
2530 2534 [...]

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