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Waaaaaal, looks like I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.
Will try to change that.  First, some edits to the sidebars and such, then a few tweaks to the layout, then a flurry of posting.  Ware ye, though, the politics bug has bitten hard.

Day of Awesomeness

Spent yesterday at home with a (not really all that) sick toddler, which was actually a lot of fun, since he wasn’t really sick at all, but the evening contained the notable bits.
1) Kicked off the Lebanon Energy Advisory Committee with our first meeting, which went well.  Should be a great committee to be on!
2) [...]

Back on the Scene

I hope.
A few comments to kick things off again:

Working at home is a fine opportunity to test the applicability of the Ballmer Peak to non-coding work.
The sport of cycling has become virtually unwatchable, due to endless goddamn scandal. This is depressing.
Fortunately, the Patriots this year make cycling’s precipitous falloff more bearable (although [...]

Small changes

The link-as-post application seems to be more and more sporadic … so I moved all that junk to the sidebar.  Also rearranged a few bits and pieces.  Much to review from the past few weeks … all that will come soon!

Snow Day!

Finally, some snow.  Up to and beyond two feet of the stuff by the end of the storm on Thursday, from the sounds of it.
‘Bout time, say I.  As it’s the first heavy storm in nearly two years, the area kind of freaked out — work closed down even!  Once the temperatures creak into the [...]

Great Weather!

Heard the morning NHPR host blathering away on the way in to work about the great “break” in the weather coming up: a spell of sunny skies and 50 degrees plus!  Wow!  Great!
Except it’s frickin’ JANUARY.  It’s NEW HAMPSHIRE.  It’s supposed to be cold and snowy, with sun on non-snow days and the occasional crappy [...]

5 + 7 = 0

There are 5 of me:

There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

There are 7 of Laura:

There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

And none of Isaac:

There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

(In 1990, that is, which makes a certain amount of sense.)

How Blogs Start

A few months ago, this post, seen on Matt Haughey’s site, I believe, piqued my interest, having recently unloaded many hundreds of non-reimbursable dollars on glasses and prescription sunglasses.
Turns out there are many MANY folks whose interest was piqued, so now there\’s a devoted blog — Glassy Eyes — on how to get eyeglasses supercheap [...]

O, Glorious Fridge

Over the past week, various home improvement projects have taken place thaks to the knowledge and assistance of Vance, Laura’s stepfather. Yes, we now have backerboard laid for tile in the hallway, a cat door installed to the basement, various light fixtures fixed or removed, and the weird second-floor hallway door insulated, but nothing is [...]


We voted early (but not often, not that we needed to) on Tuesday morning, on user-friendly pieces of paper marked with felt-tip pens.
All of New Hampshire apparently turned out blue this year, as not only did the two House seats go to Democrats, but the state House and Senate went as well. The Governor pretty [...]

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